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Thanks to one of the best Mold Removal Services in Montreal !

Thanks to one of the best Mold Removal Services in Montreal ! - Lucille Quigley

One of the best things about my first jobs was that some of my girlfriends and I managed to room in the same place—meaning that we could split up the rent and all, making it easier for all of us. Living for the first time together on our own as girls, we obviously wanted an apartment that was both safe and budget-friendly, and I easily found one through someone I had met earlier from that town.

However, all the good things about the place, it being affordable and spacious, turned out to be meaningless when we discovered a much bigger issue: mold. At first, we didn’t think much of it, but soon it was spreading and making lives tough. As it spread even into my bedroom, I realized that there was only one thing left to do: call a specialist mold removal Montreal service in order to get this smelly and extremely unhygienic and threatening mold sorted out.

The search wasn’t easy since most of these services seemed very expensive. It appeared as though it would take days for them to get the work sorted out. Time and money was a luxury that my friends and I couldn’t afford, and that is when we fell upon a service that looked quick, effective and within our budget, thanks in large part to a work colleague who had used their mold removal services before. 

Upon their first visit to our place, they performed a thorough inspection of the place, collecting mold samples from every location growth could be observed. Within the following 36 hours, I got a call from them stating the extent of the damage and how quickly this mold could spread and grow. When I asked them about their service, they said that it would take them 2 days to carry out the cleaning process, and they happily agreed to do it over the weekend after I explained to them our work and time constraints.

Over the next weekend their people came and my friends and I could easily tell how quick and efficient they were. Their service was extremely thorough, as we discovered over the months following the completion of their work. Also, once they were done, they provided us with a guarantee that we wouldn’t ever face this issue again—something that turned out to be true, for it has been over six months since.

Affordable, quick, accommodating and extremely effective, I am just so glad my work colleague suggested this mold removal service in time to help us resolve such a major problem easily and with minimal inconvenience. 


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