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At the salon, at last!

At the salon, at last! - Lucille Quigley

Today I drove all the way to West Island, more precisely to Saint-Laurent. I went to see my esthetician friend Kiara. It’s been ages since she has invited me over to her esthetics salon, but I never went. I meant to, but something always came up and made me change my plans.

The last time I saw her was on my sister’s wedding day, about five years ago. She was the make-up artist for the bridal party. Everyone was pleased and admiring her work.

Last week I discovered I had a strange mark on one of my cheeks. So far I had assumed that it was a sort of sunspot I got after I having a bad sunburn. It did not look like a blackhead or anything like that. I hoped that a Skin depigmentation treatment might help me get rid of it without seeing a dermatologist. Thus I called Kiara’s old phone number, and to my surprise it was still valid.

She recognized my voice and seemed excited to hear me. As soon as I mentioned my intention of visiting her, she asked me to come see her anytime. She mentioned that I did not need an appointment. “Old friends are always welcomed!” She added that she would squeeze me between two of her clients without any problem. I told her that I would be passing by on Thursday afternoon. That’s when my daughter was staying with her dad, and I had some time off for myself.

When I arrived to her salon, I was amazed by what she had done with the place. Everything looked as from a celebrity magazine. That explained how popular she became and how her business grew. Plus, her skilled hands and the quality of the services offered, of course!

I looked around and noted that her waiting area was full of women of all ages and ethnicities.

I took a seat next to an older Indian woman. She was reading a list of the services offered by the salon: facial treatments, hand and foot care, manicure and pedicure, waxing, eyelash extension and some other treatments.

I had no idea that Kiara was doing all this. I told to myself that she must have had other estheticians working with her. Before actually meeting her, I was welcomed by one of her co-workers who invited me to follow her. She led me to one of the five treatment rooms and asked me to get comfortable, adding that Kiara will be with me in two minutes.

When she entered the room, I could not recognize her. She looked twenty years younger! We gossiped a lot during the treatment.


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