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A reasonable age difference

A reasonable age difference - Lucille Quigley

In a few days the famous actor George Clooney will receive a Cesar in France as a reward for his whole career. The actor who is to become a dad of two soon declared that he looks forward to welcoming these two children to the world but is a little bit anxious also which is rather normal. His wife and he have decided not to visit dangerous countries. The top international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney has taken the risk of taking a case involving ISIS. She defends Nadia Murad, a human trafficking survivor. The actor declared that they will keep on living between Italy and America and England while the children are still young because they have houses in each country as well as also even Switzerland I think but obviously as soon as the children will go to school they will choose a place to settle which is not known yet maybe to themselves.

The couple is known for traveling often and probably that they can get some Tooth implant Boisbriand, some surgery done in England, some grocery shopping in France, some meeting with the pope in Italy and a lot of partying  with friends in America as well as vacations Lord knows where … It is rare that an actor becomes involved with a lawyer. Usually actors stay amongst themselves and do not mingle with other professions notably lawyers, but Clooney made an exception:  he married rather late and made an unusual pick. Now 55 his wife is 39. This is a reasonable age difference. I always believed that age difference as well as all other differences (be it race, culture, language, etc.) do not matter if the couple is deeply related in terms of the values they share. So it seems that it is the case for these two.

People can be fairly different and yet get on well. They can complete each other actually. I used to believe that 2 people needed to be alike but that is not true. On the other hand they can’t be too different either. It’s a matter of balance.

Delphine recently met someone really different but he reassures her a lot and that is what she needed. Likewise, my sister needed someone who would comfort her and make her feel safe after her former husband left suddenly and destroyed her life.

Either way, what matters is love, whatever they say.


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