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Planning another party

Planning another party - Lucille Quigley

If you think that is too early to start planning the Xmas corporate party, think again! We are already in May. It’s mid-May, which means, we are almost in June - which leaves us only five months away from the company’s greatest party. 

If you organized more than a corporate party, you probably know that if you want to book a nice Office party room rental Montreal, you need to do it ahead of time. Not because the offer is limited, but because you always get a better price when you do your booking in advance. Running around, knocking on doors, looking for a perfect place for the party when the winter kicks in, is something that I would like to avoid. I like to have everything planned to the last detail when I organize an event. Trust me, it’s never too early to start working on it, when there are so many things to do. 

Why do I always get congratulated for all the events I plan? Because I take my time to do things properly. I stick to my calendar and I plan it all. I don’t sit around, waiting for things to happen. I don’t assume things, I don’t take risks. And the most important, I always have a back-up plan. It’s good to be prepared for the unexpected. It’s not time-consuming and it’s not a hassle. It’s part of who I am.

Call me an workaholic if you’d like. I won’t deny it. In my personal life, I ain’t so organized. I guess I try to control whatever I can. One may say that I don’t practice what I preach. It could be. In my case, I admit, I am more in control of work, than I am at home. And that makes me tick. Plus, have you ever seen a tailor sewing his own clothes or a carpenter fixing his own house? I haven’t! At home, we all get to be someone else - there, we relax and enjoy ourselves from a long day at work. 

Some people are not as fortunate as me, as for one reason or another they have to continue to be in control at home as well. One of my friends, who is a single mother, does not have the luxury to go home and relax. When she’s home, she needs to take care of her daughter, which means more work, after having already worked for eight hours or more.


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A technology fanatic who is also crazy about little jars of creams, Lucille is THE columnist who crashes the trendy cocktail parties looking for exclusive content. Her life, of which she savors every moment, plunges her into the world of the most interesting innovations on the market today. Her blog invites you to discover her favourites and her moods.