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The perfect day

The perfect day - Lucille Quigley

Today I did nothing. Literally, nothing. And I loved it. I forgot how sweet life can be when you do not have to wake up really early morning to go work, or to worry about preparing the breakfast for the kids. Today it was the first day that I did not have to worry about anything at all.

My husband lost his job recently. The company he was working for had to lay off a lot of their employees, and among them, my husband. For the past three weeks he has been running around trying to find another job, without any luck.

A few days back we had a long conversation about our future and the plans we had made before this happened. When we made some calculations and checked our budget, we decided that it would be more advantageous for us to have him at home with the kids. Financially it made more sense to fire the babysitter and having him taking care of our children. We could not go on for too long spending the little we had left.

He embraced the idea of staying home faster than I thought he would. Although we had lost an income, I was not upset about it. For me this new change was a blessing in disguise. For the past six years I have been twenty four hours daily with our kids. I needed a break! A well-deserved one.

Thus when I woke up this morning, I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. The next second I went back to sleep. It felt amazing to be able to lay my head down for a little longer. I actually spent half of day in bed, being lazy, watching some movies on Netflix. . Around lunchtime I decided to go downstairs to see how my boys were doing.

When I got there, it was all peace and quiet. They were not home. I told myself that husband must have taken them out to the park or for a walk. Then I noted that on the coffee machine there was a note for me. He wrote that the kitchen sink got broken and he went to look for a Backwater Valve Installation Toronto with the kids. He added that they will have lunch out and will be back in the afternoon.

I grabbed my coffee mug, poured myself some coffee and headed to my desk. Although I had taken a day off, I still needed to see what was going on at the office. When I opened my laptop, I found an envelope placed on the keyboard. Inside there was a card from my husband addressed to the “best spouse”. I guess that this is the definition of a perfect day!


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A technology fanatic who is also crazy about little jars of creams, Lucille is THE columnist who crashes the trendy cocktail parties looking for exclusive content. Her life, of which she savors every moment, plunges her into the world of the most interesting innovations on the market today. Her blog invites you to discover her favourites and her moods.