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Nothing’s really changed!

Nothing’s really changed! - Lucille Quigley

Before my dad came to visit us for Xmas, I was really excited about spending the holidays with him. Especially because my youngest daughter had never met him before. Last time he had been here, it was right before Rachel’s birth. Then we did not get a chance to travel and he was really “caught up” with his work.

Now that he was retired things were different. Out of nowhere he expressed his wish of seeing us. Obviously that we invited him over. Being away from him for so long, I totally forgot about his peculiar ways of doing things or his annoying habits. His short visit reminded me how much I used to hate all these things.

When I was a teenager, still living under his roof, I had a hard time dealing with him and his demands. Later on, when I moved out into the college dorm, I chose to stay there even during the holidays. I did not mind visiting him once in couple of month, though I never stayed more than a few hours. That was enough time to have a pleasant conversation, a good meal and leave before he would mention anything weird.

Except for attending my wedding and a phone call once a month, we did not communicate too much. We were not involved in each other’s lives and I was happy with that. When I was pregnant with Judy, he did not even know that I was expecting until I was on my seventh month of pregnancy.

As soon as I told him the news he flew over and stayed three days with us. I remember that he had broken a tooth eating my hubby’s honey mustard ribs. I had to find an Emergency Dentist Boisbriand for him.

That day he had promised that he would return after the birth, but that was just an empty promise. He never did. I was disappointed when I saw that he hadn’t showed up at my daughter’s christening. It would have meant a lot for me to have him by my side. Well, I guess business was more important than family for him.

Thus imagine my surprise when he announced us he was hoping to be with us for the holidays.

My hubby advised me not to get my hopes too high, given that he had stood me up before. He added that he was not quite sure my dad would actually show up. He said that everything was possible when it came to my dad.

As much as I wanted to disagree with him, I couldn’t. I just hoped that this time it would be different. It was. He arrived as promised, but he acted the same way, which made me feel uncomfortable in my own house.


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