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On my day off...

This afternoon was crazy. Everything went nuts. My son had two tantrums, my car broke down, my husband was unhappy about something, the dog chewed one of my sneaker shoes, my daughter left the water running in the tub and flooded the upstairs washroom. And that was all happening on my day off, when I was supposed to stay home and relax after a long week of tiring work. 

So much for staying in bed and resting! Everybody wanted something from me. Even I told them I had a migraine and I did not want to be disturbed, they did not care. One after the other, they came inside my bedroom, asking for something. The older one needed help with her homework, hubby couldn’t find his baseball t-shirt, and my son was just missing me. 

After one hour of having my rest interrupted each ten minutes, I decided to leave the bedroom and keep myself occupied with something, hoping that this strategy would ease my pain. I went to the kitchen, made myself a coffee and thought of baking a cake. That always cheers me up! Plus my kids had enough Oreos and other junk sweets throughout the week. I rather had them eating something home made, than giving them more cookies or ice cream for dessert.

Before starting to cook lunch, I sat down for a few moments as my head felt like exploding. Precisely on that moment, Skipper came in running, holding my Air Max sneaker in his mouth. He had already chewed on it. He got me mad! I tried to stand up and walk towards him, but I couldn’t. My migraine was giving me a hard time. All I could do was to shout at him, but it did not have the desired effect. He looked at me for a second or two, then went out of the kitchen, disobeying my order.

That’s when I noted that on the counter, right next to my coffee cup, there was an invoice from the company that I bought all the Racking Toronto. I had been looking for it for days. I wondered where I had left it. I thought I had lost it. It turned out that hubby had found it inside my car. He picked it up and brought it inside the house. It’s not the first time when he finds some of my papers laying around inside the car. I guess that my car became my second office!


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