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Mugged while downtown

Mugged while downtown - Lucille Quigley

I can’t believe I was mugged in plain daylight. It was a shock. The aggressor came out of nowhere and grabbed my bag. I had nothing of value inside, as my wallet was inside my jeans’ back pocket. I only had a file with the latest Security solution firm GTA. Nothing else. That won’t be anything else than recycling paper into his hands. I doubt he’d understand it.

As I was coming out of my car, he bumped straight into me and pulled the bag out of my left hand. The impact made me lose my balance, thus I couldn’t hold on to the bag or put any resistance.

If I think better, that would not have been a good idea. Maybe I would have ended being hurt. Since this prick had already made up his mind to steal my belongings, who knows what he was capable of? A desperate man may do anything if cornered.

I wished to chase after him, but since my knee was still recovery after surgery, that was not possible. Thus I stood there, leaning against my car and watched him running away. He was wearing a green winter jacket, some light color jeans and some colorful, fancy I would say, sneakers. He did not strike me as a homeless person. He was a young kid, maybe in his mid-twenties, not older than that.

I thought of calling the cops right away, but that would not have changed anything. It would have only got me delayed. Since I was already late meeting my clients, I decided to go report the incident after my meeting. I thought that nothing huge would happen if I took one hour more to report the crime.

I wasn't expecting to get back my L.V. bag, nor the documents inside anytime soon. So I carried on with my agenda. Two hours later, when I was done with my work, I drove to the closest police station and spoke with the officer on duty there. I got a bunch of papers to fill and I had to see another officer in order to give them a description of the person who mugged me.

The officers asked me what was the ethnicity of my aggressor. I could not tell for sure if he was hispanic or asian. Maybe he was mix? I only saw his face for a second or two. What I did remember was that he had a small brown mole in the middle of his left cheek.


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A technology fanatic who is also crazy about little jars of creams, Lucille is THE columnist who crashes the trendy cocktail parties looking for exclusive content. Her life, of which she savors every moment, plunges her into the world of the most interesting innovations on the market today. Her blog invites you to discover her favourites and her moods.