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I got approved!

I got approved! - Lucille Quigley

Today, I finally got the mail I have been waiting for the entire week. I got the envelope from the private lender. It took me a while to open it because I feared that they might have refused me as well. I took the envelope from the mailbox, placed it on the kitchen’s table and looked at it for a while. When I finally got the courage to open it, and read it, I was happy to see that they accepted me. 

I was thrilled that I could pay back the money that I owned to my family. I never liked the idea of owning something to anyone. I liked to be free of anything. Free of debt, first of all! Once I lost the business and went back to being an employee, I needed some money to live. Thus I borrowed some from my aunt. She was the only one who wished to help me. Mom also wanted to help but she did not have the resources. 

As soon as I saw that the money  had been transferred into my account, I wrote a cheque to my aunt and mailed it to her right away. Her birthday was coming up and I wanted her to get the cheque before. I knew she was planning a big party and I thought that it would be a good time for me to send her back the money.

On my way back home from the IGA store where there was a tiny Canada Post office, I ran into one of my old neighbours from St.-Michel area. I did not return there since I moved. I did not see this neighbour in more than five years now. I was surprised that he recognized me, given that I lost so much weight and my physical appearance changed.

We chatted a few minutes in the parking lot of IGA, then we shook hands and went separate ways. Within those three or four minutes, he had told me a bunch of things about our old landlord, about his wife and kids and his workplace. I barely had the time to say that I was glad to see him. I had never been so talkative as him. On the contrary. I was more reserved, more quiet. I would not be able to deliver so many personal news to someone in such a short time. Not even under pressure!


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