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Getting lost on the way to the dentist

Getting lost on the way to the dentist - Lucille Quigley

My Lyme symptoms worsen lately and I have been having a lot of reactions. I tried to keep up a medical journal but I don’t think it will help much my Lyme specialist. If I don’t write them down as soon as I start feeling them, then I forget. I forget everything these days. My phone, my keys, my wallet, my clothes. I am not far from forgetting who I am. I noted that my brain fog is preventing me to think clearly. I also experienced memory issues and loss of directions which is scary. 

One of the other days I went to see my emergency dentist Boisbriand. Once I got in Boisbriand I realized that I could not remember where exactly was the clinic. I was totally lost. I had to call the secretary and ask for directions. I was only two streets away, but I did not have any sense of orientation when that happen. 

I never experienced such a thing. It made me feel like a child who got lost from his parents. I felt helpless.The anxiety was building up and the burning sensation under my skin was increasing by the minute during that time. 

When I finally made it to the dentist, I had to stay half an hour on his couch in the waiting area to calm myself down. The moment I tried to stand up, I felt dizzy and as if I was about to faint. The receptionist saw me and came to my rescue. She invited me to have a seat and gave me a glass of water. 

She was about to reschedule my appointment but I convinced her that it was better to be seen by the orthodontist the same day, otherwise I might not make it to the clinic. She was kind enough to listen to all my whining and complaining without looking bored. Why am I say that? Because I have dealt with some heartless nurses that lacked the compassion or empathy towards the sick. 

Once I was on the seated on the dental chair, I was feeling a bit better. I was able to explain to the doctor that my jaws seemed to frequently shift in position and make sounds as they moved. After he examined me he said that I would need to remove the upper wisdom teeth and gave me a recommendation letter for a dental surgeon, asking me to take an appointment as soon as possible.


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