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The forgotten fax

The forgotten fax - Lucille Quigley

While I was in the metro, right before reaching my station, Lionel-Groulx, I remembered that I had forgotten to fax the registration form for the group fitness training Mississauga. My supervisor asked me to send the papers before leaving. She had left the file on my desk, saying that it had to reach the Ontario office by midnight. 

She had tried to scan the documents and send them by email, but for some mysterious reason it did not work. The machine was scanning the pages but it did not send them to her computer, as it was supposed to. I had tried as well, thinking that it would work and I would be able to see the pages on my computer. I didn’t. 

When I called their office, they told me I could send the application by fax as well. It was rarely that we were using the fax. Most of the correspondence was done online. Anyway, I took the file and placed it next to fax machine, when my phone rang. It was one of the directors who needed me to assist him with something. I left the file there, thinking I would return and fax it within ten minutes. Obviously I completely forgot about it and left the office without sending the fax.

When I realized I had to return to the office for that bloody fax, I was mad at myself for forgetting about it. 

Thus I got off the metro, crossed to the other side of the station and waited for the metro to come. I hated that I had to go back, but I had no choice. My boss would have got really mad if I didn’t. Fifteen minutes later, I was back in the office, performing my task, wishing I was home already.

On the way back to the metro station, I slipped on a wet leaf and fell down on the sidewalk.Luckily two young girls helped me get up. I don’t know how that fall was possible. The sidewalk was not wet at all. Having my head in the clouds prevented me from looking where I was going. I hit my knee and left hip pretty bad. 

Later on, once I reached home I saw that my knee was bleeding and I had a blue forming on my hip. I took a hot bath and put some Myoflex cream hoping it would help with the pain.


The author:


A technology fanatic who is also crazy about little jars of creams, Lucille is THE columnist who crashes the trendy cocktail parties looking for exclusive content. Her life, of which she savors every moment, plunges her into the world of the most interesting innovations on the market today. Her blog invites you to discover her favourites and her moods.