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First day at the kindergarten!

First day at the kindergarten! - Lucille Quigley

I am so proud of my four years old! Today I have seen that all the hard work pays off. Sometimes I thought I was a bit too tough on him or that I should have allowed him more playtime at bedtime. He is such an amazing child!

Today it was his first day of kindergarten. He was really excited about it. I was emotional. I couldn’t believe how big he got. And how confident he walked into the classroom. Or how friendly he was with all of the other children. I was so thrilled about the way he behaved while we were there. 

At one moment I got a phone call and I had to ran to an errand for half an hour, although I was planning to stay with him the entire time he was there. After I spoke with his teacher, and she reassured that he would be fine staying without me, I left. I was out for a half an hour. When I returned, the teacher suggested that I stay in the parents’ area and wait until he would ask for me, instead of me going close to him and letting him know that I was back. 

Only ninety minutes later, I heard him inquiring his teacher about my whereabouts. She replied gently that I should be back within half an hour. He simply said :”OK!” and continued playing with the other two children that were building a castle using building blocks.

I was amazed that he did not cry or asked about me earlier. Seeing that he was at ease in there, I stepped out for another half an hour. I had to buy a summer curtain Longueuil and drop it at my parents’ house. 

Before leaving I notified the teacher again that I was going out and asked her to call me on my cellphone if there was anything. She nodded her head at me and waved shortly. The shop was only a few minutes away and my order was ready for pick-up. All I had to do was to pass by, take it and put it in the back of my car. It took me less than twenty minutes to get there and return to the kindergarten. 

All this time, I had my phone close to me. I wanted to ensure I hear it in case the teacher would call. She didn’t. My son was just fine at “school”. He was having lots of fun playing.


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