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Finally, a good news

Finally, a good news - Lucille Quigley

This morning I got some great news! My mortgage was approved and my offer was accepted! Yay! I am so happy that I can get the house I loved. From all the properties that I visited with my real estate agent, I liked a few, but I only loved the one in Quebec City. It had everything I wanted: three bedrooms, a nice backyard, trees in the front yard, a small pool, a fully finished basement and it was not far from a bus stop.

Although I am driving most of the times, I think it is important to be in close proximity to a bus stop. In case the car would break down and I would need to use public transportation, I rather be close to the bus stop instead of walking for half an hour. That won't be fun, especially not during the cold winter months.

I was a bit worried that my offer would be rejected but the owners accepted it, even it was twelve thousands less than their asking price. I guess luck was on my side. Transitioning from one bedroom to three bedrooms will feel great. I won't rush into getting furniture for the third bedroom. It can wait. In case I will have guests staying over night, they can use the spare bedroom.

I am not decided yet if the third room would be a bedroom or I would convert it into my workshop. I am tempted on making it my workshop/home office. It gets a lot of natural light and is big enough. I thought of doing that in the basement, but then I changed my mind. I am going to have a playroom with a home movie theatre there. It could be the hangout area when I will have friends over. During summer we could hang out on the patio and in the winter we could stay in the basement, having drinks, playing games or watching a movie.

As you can see I have put lots of thought into how to arrange my new house. Jeez! I am so happy! I am finally settling down, having a place of my own! According to my mom, “it was about time!”

Since the house is ready to move in, all that is left after signing the papers, will be the packing and the actual move. I will have to look for someone who's working in access control for home. This is such a great day!


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